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"I suggest that the only books that influence us are those for which we are ready, and which have gone a little farther down our particular path than we have yet gone ourselves."

—Edward Morgan Forster (1879-1970) British writer, A Room with a View


Services Available from Your Library

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AV Equipment - The following equipment: overhead projector, cassette player, or headphones for cassette players; may be checked out for use for the entire year in your classroom, or may be checked out on as need basis.


Additional AV Equipment: The following equipment: slide projector, TV/VCR/DVD, LCD projector, digital camera, and digital video camera can be scheduled for use in your classroom by contacting the library staff. A dual-deck VCR and a VHS to DVD recorder are also both available for use in the library.

Binding:  a binding machine is available for the binding of booklets, special projects, etc.


Interlibrary Loan: We process loan requests for materials that you need, but that we do not have available in our library.  Books, videos, and other materials are available for loan from all over Southern Illinois. Most requests are filled with 7-10 days.


Laminating: a heat laminator is available and library staff will laminate materials for staff at the K-12 building.


Mini-lessons on library related topics: the library staff would like to share its expertise by helping in the planning of mini-lessons for your students on a variety of topics.


Minor Book Repairs: If you find a text book that is in need of minor repairs, we will do our best to repair it.


Professional Magazines: a variety of professional magazines are available from the library. Teachers may sign up to have magazines routed to them.


Scheduled library classes for Pre-K - 8th grade - with media instruction for K - 5th grades.


Special State Reading Programs:

The Monarch Award: For grades K-3, students evaluate the books on the list and vote in February.

The Bluestem Award: For students in grades 3-5; students reading at least 4 books on the award list are qualified to vote in February.


The Rebecca Caudill Young Readers’ Book Award Program for 4th - 8th graders in which students who read 3 titles from the list are eligible to vote for the state award.


The Abraham Lincoln Award: High School reading program in which students reading at least 3 titles from the list are eligible to vote.

Read for a Lifetime: a program for high school students to promote reading for enjoyment.


Support of the Accelerated Reading Program, as well as the reading series for K-5. For anyone needing materials to support a theme, project, or classroom activity, please let us know and we will pull the resources together.






Location & Hours

361 W. Main St.
Albion, IL 62606


 105 E. School Street

West Salem, IL  62476


K-12 General Hours

Monday - Friday
7:45 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Closed for Lunch 11:30-12:00 Daily




Junior High and High School Students

 may sign out to the library during

their reading/English classes.


9:10-9:45  Mrs.Ellis's Class

9:55-10:30 Mrs. Gerlach's Class

12:50-1:30 Mrs. Benham's Class

2:00-2:30 Mrs. Shepherd's Class


1o:05-10:40  Mrs. Murbarger's Class

12:50-1:30 Mrs. Robinson's Class

2:15-2:55 Ms Reid's Class


9:00-9:30  EC

10:05-10:40 Mrs. Henson's Class

1:00-1:30 Mrs. Hughes's Class

2:15-2:55 Ms Simm's Class


9:10-9:45 Mrs. Munsey's Class

10:05-10:40 Mrs. Gillard's Class

1:25-2:00 Mrs. Stewart's Class

2:10-2:50 Mrs. Stanhope's Class



8:30-9:00    Pre-K

9:00-9:30     1st Grade

9:30-10:00 Kindergarten

10:05-10:35 5th Grade

10:40-11:10 3rd Grade

12:30-1:00   EC

1:05-1:35  2nd Grade

2:15-2:45  4th Grade


  Jr. High Classes

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